Jun. 15th, 2009

thewickedwitch: (Elphaba_Glinda ball)
I was riding in my broom over the North Pole this last night. I felt like screaming at the dark, screaming at the dark on the top of my lungs like a creature who is looking for a little release.

Animals roar when they feel like why can't we do that too? I wanted to disturb peace.

It's been like that for a week now, but this time, Jack had nothing to do with it. It was all me. It's my fault.

It started after I ran away from Oz. The second I left I lost a piece of myself, a large piece of my heart…not my soul, I don’t have one. Nancy tries to help me get through it. I love her for it. But she doesn’t get it. She could never understand how much my sister’s change hurt, how much a girl with a soft white skin and curled blond hair affected my life. I usually don’t want to think about it either.

Just after I met Madame Morrible, I had a vision and what do you know I do believe it has come true. A celebration throughout Oz that’s all to do with me! Well the vision was hazy indeed; I never imagined they would be celebrating my death. Or they will, be if the movie Jack made me watch was right.

The few times I sleep I have more visions. I’m not sure but I think what I’m seeing right now is the present or something that will happen soon.

A flying house…so silly.


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