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If someone of you cared people (which I doubt) I didn’t die on the fight in Suna. I can’t say the same of three of my crows and a pair of my wolves. They were killed by Shukaku while they were trying to defend the Kazekage.

I’m really proud of them. …not so proud of me. I fayled on my mission and Gaara gets kidnapped and hurt. I’m always a failure.… [hackable]

I wanted to give my friends a proper burial on the Quadling Land, but it’s a place too dangerous to go with the war going on now, and I got hurt in the fight when I used a water spell against Shukaku. Nancy and Edward are taking “care of me”, and I’m in Andalasia, that’s why I look like a cartonish version of my old selft. It’s…curious to say at least.

Nancy’s fianceé, prince Edward is driving me a bit crazy with his constantly talking about fairies (he thinks I am one of them, and said something about someone called Tinkerbell) and he gets all excited when I make magic. He told me not to change into a dragon though, like I can do a thing like that (again, damn pokemon virus). Even if he’s a bit narcissistic (why all the prince I know are like that?) he’s really naïve and pure hearted, I can understand why Nan feel in love with him. Ewdard told me about a nice place on the castle’s garden to burial the animals and give them a proper funeral. So we did it. I even prayed for them, even if I’m not a religious person Frex affected me like that. 

Iracundia survived (of course) and now he’s scaring the hell out of the other animals. I told them that he was not going to hurt anyone and when they noticed that Iracundia just eat apples they relaxed and wanted him to play with them. It was…a strange image, a chimera half crow, lion and snake playing games with small white bunnies and other rodents. Killjoy is snoozing in a corner now, he‘s tired of chasing butterflies around the castle.

I’m not surprised of my father Frex not caring at all for me but Nessa could, at least, wished me luck on the fight not to embarrass her with my revolutionary actitude. *sigh* 


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