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[She speaks, low like she has problems finding the words]

Looks like my family have gone seditious in my absence. How ironic it was, that I have grown out of it- or been forced out- just as they had grown into it....

[The voice changes to a more angry tone] own sister a traitor, ruler of my own usurped province! Father a shrewd political strategist before his death!

[A growl from killjoy]

And I, on the fringes once more, having lost at my own game; I failed insurrectionist, fighting longer and harder against a heavy tide and still losing, and it all coming so much easier to my family. And I..I..I failed Jack too..I leave him alone...he will not forgive me this time. I will not forgive me this time.

If I had stayed. If I hadn’t gone to see Nessa..Boq wouldn't be... he would be dead, probably, but isn't that better?

[A yelp from Killjoy and the sound of her moving around the room nervous]

Time to go

Dec. 27th, 2008 02:08 am
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It's not been that much time, but it feels like an eternity has passed.

Nessa is till in Munchkinland, I will need to talk to her. And father. I will need father's help. I need him to stand with me.

Without me around to solve her problems and look after her, who knows what she has been doing. The perfect daughter, the perfect beauty, all alone with her religions thought of what is good and what is bad...time to pay her a visit.

There's no place like home after all..


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