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It's been some much time since my last visit to Oz...things doesn't look better now that a year ago. I should go back.

I already talked to Dream about it and thanked him for the help. Rose you won't have to worry about Killjoy chasing Rascal for some time, Ggio I have some books for you, and V, that last virus was interesting, I wish you the best luck.

[Locked to Corinthian.]

Can I talk with you in, please?

Those dreams I told you about the flying houses, I had them again. Every night, the few times I tried to sleep. I can sense that my sister is in danger, I need to go now, and I'm not sure if I would be able to come back.

[/Locked to Corinthian.]
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That was...interesting. But I'm not the marrying type, and I will never be.

Are you back to reality too Cori? Someone called White was living in your house.
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Get ready, I will pick you up in a few minutes Cor Corinthian.

We are going to celebrate.

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(ooc:back from the dreaming)

That was actually kind of fun. It's good to know that not all the Animals have as much problems as they have on my own world. The raves where really interesting to talk with.

It was a good day. I barely couldn't remember how they were.
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Is there really a thin line between sanity and madness? Maybe it's easy to brand someone as crazy. Maybe it's easy to view someone as "different", to offer and communicate manufactured judgments as if they were truths, and to label and to manipulate others to do the same because by doing that we don't need to hold the mirror up to oneself and see our own warts.

Maybe it was easy not to have faith in human nature.I try not to be like that but..Jack's sanity worries me. He been talkign to himself agian, and it's getting worse.


I have a 2 week delay on my period. The last weeks I felt fatigued and had some headaches but it's probably the stress or a ommom flue.

It have to be that.
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The castle was always full of people, more now that they were celebrating Jack’s b-day party, and Elphaba find herself hiding on the library. She never liked parties, and she wanted to celebrate it with Jack in private but Nancy had other plans. That woman was like a force of nature, and no one should be able to pout like that. Nancy remembers her Glinda sometimes.

Jack seemed really happy with the party, and Elphaba knew that he was going to enjoy it, that’s why she didn’t complained much when Nancy made the proposal. Not even when the queen insisted that she should try to use another other kind of dress. The new one was still black, but it didn’t covered his neck, and she was wearing the necklace that jack gave her for birthday. The necklace that Corinthian gave him was around her wrist, at least the dress covered her arms.


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