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A question and an announcement

First of dears here's the obligatory HOW'S MY DRIVING POST. Feel free to say me what I'm doing wrong. If you goign to say something about my horrible gramma, just let you know that I'm from spaisn so english is not my natural languaje ^^'

ANNNND the announcement is that I'm going to be on hiatus the next week because from the 20 to the 27 I will be on Italy :D

It's been 8 years since I had vacations =_=


Mar. 2nd, 2008 07:19 pm
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Hi people,

I just wanted to say a few things

-I'm spanish, so english is not my natural languaje. That's why my english is so hard to understand sometimes. I will try to make it better on my future entries, I promise.

-I usually post the same entry on Elphaba's journal and on the DDD comm, but that's driving some people crazy and I waste a lot of time so now I'm going to post (most)of the wicked related post on the comm and the other things about Elphaba character on her own livejournal

Sorry for all the inconveniences. Feel free to tell me how to make my characterization better.

I love you all
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Ok that entry is to talk about how Galinda, Fiyero and I were going to interact.

I thought that maybe we can mix the book version with the musical version, but I have the problem that I read the book but only have the songs of the muscial. In spains there's no way I can watch it (and that make me really really sad) :(

So we should talk about

-Doctor dillamond: killed or expulsed? I though that if he's killed it will ve more dramatic >D

-Fiyero first meeting: On the book it's pretty traumatic for him because he's nearly killed but I just have a vague idea about how they meet on the musical. I think that it will be better and funny is we use the muscial version for Fiyero.

-boq and Nesarrose. in the book Elphaba's jorunal is not paralitic, she don't have arms and she don't end with Boq at all.So...waht all you people want to dot here? Adn how Elphie and Bowq meet for the first time on the musical?

too bad we don't have someone playing Boq or Nessarose

Watchha think dears?


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