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I have so many things in my mind I feel like I’m going crazy. Glinda is helping a bit, but she really doesn't understand the gravity of the situation.

How many .of the Animals have I encountered that are  just as decent and normal as any human he had ever met? Why people can't understand that? Simply because they are Animals.

There are so many of them struggling to survive in Oz, many more than I expected. But If they give it up and leave, they might eke out a living for themselves on the farms to the West or in Munchkinland – as laborers, servants, little better than beasts of burden? Some would say they should be glad for the opportunity. But why should they be expected to debase themselves willingly?

Now my thoughts are always wandering constantly to worries about politics, in Shiz and at home, Fiyero and I are still acting uncomfortable around each other, and I can't focus on anything except the idea of doing something. Something drastic, like visit the Wizard to ask him for answers.

I feel like I'm just going to explode because I can't cope with everything that's going on. 
[Locked from Jack]

And then there is Jack.

I want to make him happy and I enjoy being with him , I love him as much as my soulless person can love someone, but..babies?

I'm sure I can't do that. My parents weren't exactly a model of conduct, and kids are just...not my thing. I liked to take care of Nessa when she was a child, but having child on my own...No, just no. What if they born green as me? I can't do that to them.

I want to talk with Jack about it, but he sounded so convinced when he told me that he wants kids; he didn’t give me chance to say anything about it. Now...I really don’t know what to do." 
[/Locked from Jack]


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